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Kit PD-10 Pearson-Williams 1938 "Mr. Smoothie" race plane is a laser cut balsa wood kit for the serious flying competitor. This Golden Age Racer qualifies for FAC Scale and 
Greve Racer competitions.

  The 1938 National Air Race in Cleveland , Ohio was the site of the Thompson Trophy Race 300 lap/300 mile race. New aircraft entry the 1938 Pearson-Williams PW-1 “Mr. Smoothie” was designed around the Curtiss D-12 Conqueror engine by Rodney Nimmo capable of 375 mph and built by Bud Pearson and Lee Williams. The well-streamlined aircraft featured retractable landing gear, a tightly cowled engine and radiator installation. Cooling air entered through a truncated conical propeller spinner, swirled using propeller-rotated fan blades, passed through the radiator, and then exhausted via ports on the side of the engine cowling.

  This free flight rubber powered kit includes a full-size rolled CAD drawn plan, building and flying instructions, competition weight laser cut balsa parts and balsa strip wood, vacuum-formed canopy, exhaust, spinner, cooling port, landing bumps, and air scoop, Peck prop and nose package, FAI rubber motor, LaserCal™ registration and race markings in metallic gold tissue + TissueCal™ for the Mr. Smoothie logo and small tail registration numbers, and Easy Built Tissue in red. You will need a hobby knife, fine sandpaper, building board, pins, and glue.

PVHC Price: $35.80

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