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Kit PD-08 Fokker D. VII is the best Dime Scale kit available today. A classic old Comet design combined with the best laser cut 4-6 # contest balsa parts, 6-10 # balsa strip wood, LaserCal™ markings, and Esaki red tissue, to make this kit ready for competitive indoor and outdoor flying.
  The Fokker D. VII first appeared over the World War I battlefield in May 1918 and quickly showed its superior performance over Allied fighters. With its high rate of climb, higher ceiling, and excellent handling characteristics, the German pilots were able to score 565 victories over Allied aircraft during August 1918. Designed by Reinhold Platz, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the famous Red Baron, flew the prototype, designated VII. The Baron found the Fokker easy to fly, able to dive at high speed quickly yet remain steady as a rock, and had good visibility for the pilot.
  This kit includes a full-size rolled CAD drawn plan, building and flying instructions, premium laser cut balsa parts, hand-picked competition weight balsa strip wood, FAI rubber, Peck nose bearing, EB propeller, wire, laser cut balsa wheels, laser cut bond paper, LaserCal™ markings (precut from Esaki tissue using out laser), and Esaki tissue in red.

PVHC Price: $22.59

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