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PD-04 Heinkel P-1077 Class: Scale flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy 

This kit is one of a new class of kits we call Pro Design. These kits are for the serious competitor who wants to build a winning plane without the hassle of working from scratch. This model allows the builder several customizing options - one of the other two versions, Julia or Romeo and can be built for
rubber power, Jetex, Rapier, or catapult.
This kit includes a full-size rolled CAD drawn plan, building and flying instructions, premium laser cut balsa parts, balsa strip wood, FAI rubber, vacuum-formed canopy, skids and gun pods, Peck nose bearing and propeller, Easy Built Lite tissue in olive green and light sky blue and TissueCal™ markings -which are much lighter than press-on or water slide decals because they are printed directly on the tissue. You will need a hobby knife, fine sandpaper, building board, pins, and glue.
PVHC Price: $22.59

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