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The PD03 Kharkov R-10 is a completely laser cut kit of Tom Nallen's winning plane at the Flying Aces Club WWII Mass Launch 2000 National. This is a super light scale kit designed to go together quick and fly great. The plane is that of a low wing Russian Light Bomber with a rear gunner turret pictured in both the standard green and winter white schemes. This kit includes laser cut parts, contest balsa, vacuum formed canopy and turret, FAI contest rubber, peck nose bearing, water slide decals, cad drawn plans, and "Easy Built Lite" color tissue for both color schemes along with all the other usual parts (wheels, prop, etc.). 1/22 Scale. 

The Kharkov R-10 was a low wing Russian light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft designed by the Kharkov Aviation Institute (KhAI). The KhAI developed a whole family of high speed aircraft (from transports to bombers) designed and assembled by teachers and students, under the direction of Iosif Grigorievich Neman. Various modifications of the original KhAI-1 aircraft were made from 1932 through 1938 at which time Neman was imprisoned and the project came to and end. The KhAI-5 was a prototype of the fast photo reconnaissance aircraft. It featured numerous innovations developed for KhAI-1 aircraft, including retractable gear, wing and control surfaces with stressed skin, internal bomb/camera bay, a new type of gunner's turret, and remotely controlled camera capable of making shots at 80 degrees relative to flight direction. M-25 730hp (later M-25E, M-88, M-62 and M-63 were used on production aircraft). 1936. The Kharkov R-10 was the production recon/light bomber version of KhAI-5. 

This is the beginning of a new class of kits we call Pro Design. This new series is a line of kits for the serious competitor who wants to build without the hassle of working from scratch. 

This free flight rubber powered model airplane kit includes a full-size rolled CAD drawn plan, building instructions, premium laser cut balsa, balsa strip wood, FAI rubber, water slide decals, vacuum-formed canopy and turret, Peck nose bearing and propeller, and Easy Built Lite tissue. You will need a hobby knife, sandpaper, building board, pins, and glue. 

Wingspan: 22"
Class: 1/22 Scale flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Experienced

PVHC Price: $30.19

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