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The JX-02 MiG 15 is a 1/25 built up scale model. Includes a vacu-formed canopy. For Jetex 50 or catapult rubber. 

In Nov. 1950 when the Russian-built MiG-15 was introduced into battle by the Communists, U.N. forces were startled by its advanced design and exceptional performance and hoped one of the planes could be acquired for technical analysis and flight evaluation. However, MiG-15 pilots were very careful not to fly over U.N. territory where they might be forced down. In Apr. 1953, the U.S. Far East Command made an offer of $100,000 for the first MiG-15 delivered intact.On Sep. 21, 1953, personnel at Kimpo Air Base near Seoul, Korea were surprised to see a MiG-15 suddenly land downwind and roll to a stop. The plane was piloted by a 21-year old Senior Lt. Kum Sok No of the North Korean Air Force who had decided to fly to South Korea because he "was sick and tired of the red deceit." 

This Jetex model kit includes a full-size rolled plan, building instructions, printed balsa, hand-picked balsa strip wood, vacuum-formed canopy, wire, and Easy Built Lite tissue. You will need a hobby knife, sandpaper, building board, pins, glue, and a Jetex 50 motor and fuel or catapult rubber.

Wingspan: 16"
Class: Scale flyer, 1:25 scale
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Easy

PVHC Price: $15.99

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