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Although a US plane, the P-39 was used by the Russians through Lend-Lease during the Second World War and was highly effective in low-level, short-range attacks, ground force protection, & reconnaissance.
The FF-03 Bell P-39 Airacobra is a 1/12 scale flying model for the experienced builder and flyer. This plane uses our popular Box and Former method of construction. Designed by Ron Clarke, November 23, 1940. Society of Antique Modelers qualified. 
This free flight rubber powered kit contains a full-size plan, building instructions, printed balsa wood, balsa stripwood, rubber motor, Peck propeller, nose package, clear plastic for the windshield, wheels, landing gear, and Easy Built Lite colored tissue. You will need a building board, pins, hobby knife, sandpaper, and glue. 
Wingspan: 35"
Class: Scale flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Experienced / Experienced
PVHC Price: $20.94

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