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This 1/20 scale model kit of the first engine-powered flying machine to make a successful flight commemorates the dawn of powered flight. On December 17, 1903 Orville Wright launched the Wright Flyer I from a sand dune known as Big Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The flight lasted for twelve seconds and a distance of 120 feet. The Wright Flyer I was the culmination of years of research and testing during which the brothers designed and built all the components of the Flyer including the propellers and engine. 
This kit is very popular for school projects in both history and science since it is an accurate scale model of the original airplane which is on display in the Smithsonian Institution Museum of Air and Space. 
Now includes complete step-by-step instruction booklet with 38 color photographs to guide you through the building process. 

This kit contains a full-size plan, laser cut balsa parts, hand-picked balsa strip wood, wire, thread, and Easy Built Lite tissue covering. In addition you will need a building board, hobby knife, glue, thread, and a fine needle or drill bit. This kit is completely Laser Cut, saves hours of cutting out ribs. 

Wingspan: 24"
Class: Scale Display Model, 1:20 scale
Building Skill: Experienced
PVHC Price: $27.83

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